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A community-led attempt to collect, archive and preserve every unofficial game and homebrew released for Game Boy produced through decades of passionate work.

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Here you can enjoy a wide collection of games and homebrews for Game Boy released in the last 30 years. You can play directly here, in your browser.

Wait, really?

Yeah. Really. This is an active scene.
A lot of unofficial and homebrew software and hardware has and it's been produced for the original gray brick. People are still documenting and studying every part of its architecture: there's a whole community of hackers creating emulators and games for this 30 years old hardware. Want to take a look at the Game Boy hardware and software architecture and see if you can get your hands dirty? We got you covered: here's some awesome Game Boy development resources. We also have a dedicated Discord server.


You can help in a number of ways:

Spread the word with friends about Homebrew Hub and other awesome Game Boy development projects.

Report bugs, test and send feedback: email us hhub (at) gbdev.io, connect with us on Discord or open issue.

Write code: the entire development of the project is done on GitHub and everyone can contribute! Code licensed GPLv3.

Donate: you can help with an economic donation joining our Patreon, OpenCollective or becoming a GitHub sponsor.

Submit entries: Everyone can help building the database of available homebrews and games! Take a look at this repository and send a Pull Request.